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Bogballe Fertiliser Spreaders

Bogballe is one of the worlds' leading manufacturers of fertiliser spreaders.  Design, optimum functionality and ease of use have been developed over many years of practical experience working with farmers in the field.  Bogballe have high-tech production, development and test facilities as well as one of Europe’s largest and most advanced test halls.

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M-Line Spreaders


The new M-Line Spreader is more dynamic than ever.  The design of the spreader and the versatility of the quantity control makes the machine more than just a fertiliser spreader.  An investment in an M-line spreader offers reliability during field work, handling high-value fertilisers with care and products are applied with maximum precision.

Available: M3 Plus, M3W Plus, M2 Plus and M2W Plus

Download the M-LINE brochure.    

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L-Line Spreaders


The In-Centre system is used for normal in-field spreading; spreading discs are rotating towards each other to the centre of the spreader.  In this way they achieve a perfect “4-double overlap” which results in a perfect spread pattern with practical in-field tolerance.  Due to the automatic shutters, the fertiliser is always placed at the right position on the disc. This keeps the spread pattern in perfect shape no matter the fertiliser flow, forward speed or
working width.

Available: L2 Plus, L1 Plus and L1 Base

Download the L-LINE brochure.    

Calibrator Zurf


Field work is efficient and precisely controlled by the Calibrator Zurf.  By combining the weighing technique, the spreader is transformed into a 100% fully automatically controlled spreader.  The precision and the quantity spread is spot on, irrespective of changes in forward speed and field conditions.

Calibrator Free


For headland and section control we offer a complete "plug and play" solution consisting of a GPS antenna and a wireless iZurf communication module connected to our monitor Calibrator Zurf.  

The GPS app runs fully automatic headland and section control.  In addition you also get the possibility for measuring out straight or curved A-B lines.

The Calibrator Free concept is available for all W-spreaders with Calibrator Zurf.  

Isobus Controller


An Isobus Controller is a possibility for all spreaders with weighing technique. This solution enables the spreader to be controlled by the tractor Isobus terminal.  Our Isobus Controller meets the ISO11783 standard and controls all the functions on "W" spreaders.  An Isobus break away plug connects the spreader to the tractor Isobus network.

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