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The most versatile research planters on the market, available through PAS. 



Seed Research Equipment Solutions (SRES) Research Planters

SRES in partnership with GROUND BREAKER Precision Agriculture design and manufacture versatile, efficient, ergonomic and comfortable seed research planters, manufactured to plant more seed in wider varieties, faster and with greater accuracy. 

Research Planter Options

There are many research planter models available. These include:

  • Standard Research Planter

  • Flex Planter

  • Ultra Narrow Planter

  • Runabout Planter

  • Mini Seed Planter

  • Drill Planter

For more information on the SRES Research Planters, please visit

Research Planter Options

Standard Research Planter


The Standard Research plot planter utilizes a durable 7×7 toolbar that allows commercial options to be added, such as residue managers to fertilizer.  SRES has developed an industry-leading platform assembly that will provide years of reliable service.

Flex Planter


Customers asked for a more versatile row spacing research plot planter and so we developed the Flex planter configuration.  

The Flex planter is the most versatile research planter in the industry and can vary row spacing from 7 1/2 inches to 40 inches with 1/2-inch increments.  The SRES Flex planter uses the standard Monosem NG planter units and is available in Classic, Classic Aire, Advanced + or Step 4 type control systems.

Ultra Narrow Planter


The SRES Ultra-narrow planter is a multi-functional piece of equipment that can be used as a planter, drill or seeder. The advantage of this planter is that it uses a seed meter for extreme precision.

The Ultra-narrow planter was designed for precise seed spacing on a 7.5-inch row spacing and up.  This planter uses the standard Monosem row units and SRES sure plant covers to bring the precision you already know down to 7.5-inch row spacing.  This planter gives you more control on seed spacing over a drill.

Runabout Planter


The SRES Runabout planter is a compact two-row planter that is three-point mounted.  This planter is economical and easy to maneuver for filling in standard to small plots.

The SRES Runabout weighs around 1,500 pounds and is excellent for small research plots or small acreages.  It has a small, comfortable operator platform but still comes with the functions of a standard planter.

Mini Seed Planter


The SRES mini seed planter can plant a wide variety of small seeds.  The Monosem MS planter is the standard for commercial vegetable seed planting and has five available models.  Combining these versions with a control package gives you the precision planter perfect for your research.  

Drill Planter


The SRES controls and multiple opener options make these drills able to plant within any of your plots.  The SRES Drill comes standard with Great Plains double disc, no-till openers, but other openers are available upon request, including the John Deere 90 Series opener for extremely compacted soil conditions.  The SRES Drill uses the latest technology to eliminate the need for complicated transmissions to get your desired plot length.


The SRES Drill uses the new SRES belt cone and distributor system. The SRES Belt Cone is able to trip automatically by ground distance or by using the GPM Universal Planter Module from SRES.

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