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Ditch Assist™ Farm Layout and Land Leveling Hardware 


We supply and install Ditch Assist™ farm layout and land leveling hardware.  Ditch Assist™ is an automatic machine control system that controls the raise/lower hydraulics on scrapers, ditchers, land levelers, blades, and just about anything that’s raised and lowered hydraulically.  It uses input from a GPS receiver mounted on the implement to adjust height via the included proportional valve by connecting your implement hoses to the valve, and the valve to the tractor.  

Ditch Assist™’s user interface is a free Android app that runs on Android tablets. This makes Ditch Assist™ the most affordable and easily updatable grade control system available.  Ditch Assist™ is the only grade control system to use Wi-Fi communication between the cab and the implement.  This makes the system simple to install, use, and easily moved between different pieces of equipment.

Visit the Ditch Assist™ website.

Download the Ditch Assist™ brochure.

Topcon GNSS Landforming 


We supply and install Topcon GNSS Landforming hardware.  The best possible water conservation measures are a must for the modern irrigated farm. Topcon offers a range of solutions, from laser accuracy to state of the art multi-slope solutions using GNSS.

Select single or dual scraper control, and options from basic manual indication to fully automatic machine control. Set very fine increments of either single or dual slopes at the laser transmitter, and the control system has accurate reference anywhere on your field.  If you need to reset your laser, Topcon provides the best repeatability on the market.

We supply and install the Topcon X35, X25 and X14 consoles and displays as well as the AgForm 3D, RL-200 Laser, AGI-4 Modular GNSS Steering System and the AES-25 and AES-35 Electric Steering System.


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