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Kincaid manufacture cutting edge research equipment, including Sprayers and Harvesters.
Kincaid Sprayers

One of the most recent additions to the Kincaid produce range are the versatile research sprayer systems. As with most treatment programs, these easy to install systems are nearly infinitely modular in their use, as well as their complexity.


From a singular spray boom with toggle control, to a GPS-controlled, 24 product systems with plot control spray swath, Kincaid has you covered. We supply large scale boom spraying systems that are customisable to your specifications. The Kincaid ATV boom sprayer systems work with multiple canister sizes and types.

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Kincaid Single Plot Harvesters


The Kincaid Single Plot Harvester combines high capacity and rugged proven construction with excellent cleanout. It can be equipped with a 1.5, 2.0 or 2.3 meter grain table, 2-row multi-crop (sunflowers, sorghum, soybeans) or with a 2-row corn head. Other options include rape extension, pick-up attachments, sunflower pans, air delivery, air return, data collection, sample collection, and custom designs for each researcher. 


All major controls are positioned to the right, leaving the left hand free to steer the combine. The controls operate with ease and precision. Cylinder speed, concave clearance, table and reel adjustments can all be selected from the operator’s seat. The 3-speed transmission gives control over power and speed with a hydrostatic drive that operates in all 3 gears.

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Kincaid Twin Plot Harvesters


Kincaid has been the leader in twin plot technology for over a decade. With our experienced engineering team and custom manufacturing capabilities, we have developed the fastest most reliable twin plot combine on the market.

  • Kincaid Positive Displacement Blower System – contamination has been virtually eliminated between plots.

  • Kincaid Conveyor Shoe – Faster grain delivery underneath the cylinder and concave, which allows for faster plot times and faster clean out.

  • Kincaid Internal Split – Allows for virtually no cross contamination from side to side.

  • Kincaid Roller Grinder – Davis – Destructs all seed at a high rate of speed to allow for fast combining of regulated plots.

  • In-Cab Controls – Many in-cab control options that work in conjunction with customer preferred data collection system.

  • Precision air locks provide constant metered grain into the pneumatic system.

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