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Minimise outputs and maximise profits through quality data collection and analyis. 



Precision Ag Solutions use precision technology combined with aerial data and purpose built software to assist farmers and agronomists in mapping the health and vitality of their crops, significantly reducing the time it takes to gather the information necessary to make essential decisions prior to crop decline.  Our Airborne Imagery Services provide skilled collection and processing of imagery data collected from the field, drones, piloted aircraft or satellites.  We work with pixel size varying from 5cm to 1km.

In the past, farmers have relied on the historical records of seasonal rain and temperature to plan and strategise their farming decisions.  Contemporary methods introduced to monitor and predict issues may have improved over the years, but they are still inefficient.

We offer data services including:

•    Collection of raw data from precision equipment for input into Farm Management Software

•    Identification of Variability in Yield

      - Processing of yield monitor information and mapping of variability within the field
      - Remote Sensing

•    Characterise Variability
      - Elevation
      - EM/PAW
      - Subsoil Constraints
      - Nutritional Variability

•    Analysis of Layers

•    Quantify the Impact of Variability
      - Implementation of VR and Prescriptions
      - Understanding Management of Variability

•    Setting up a Management Tree for Farm Management Software and replicating this into precision equipment

•    Mapping field boundaries for input into Farm Management Software

•    Creating Prescription Rate files for input into precision equipment


•    Through the use of multispectral imagery, (Plant cell density and NDVI) identify the impact of soil type variability on plant growth and root development

•    Use multispectral imagery to provide real-time monitoring of crop health

For more information on our data services, please contact us.  

Crop Management 


Our Crop Management Services offer detection of:


  • Detection of insect damage

  • Mapping of vegetation around fields that provide insect habitat to predict likelihood of infestation

  • Mapping spatial patterns of insect damage to determine the type of insect infestation

  • Insect detection at night


  • Detection of disease damage

  • Mapping the spread of the disease or insects within a field


  • Weed identification and mapping

  • Weed herbicide application (spot spraying)

Crop Health, Nutrition and Yield

  • Relative crop nutrient condition assessment for assessing fertiliser needs and areas needing increased nutrients within a field

  • Relative crop yield assessment within a field

  • Crop nutrient condition assessment for assessing fertiliser needs and areas needing increased nutrients within a field

  • Crop yield assessment within a field

  • Assessing drought stress or overwatering/underwatering on crops

  • Monitoring irrigation systems and their effectiveness in watering

  • Plant breed selection

  • Hybrid cross-types

  • Germination and canopy development detection

  • Assess planting issues where the planter might have missed areas, or planted too heavily

Insurance for Damage Assessment

  • Crop insurance assessment

Elevation and 3D Modelling


Our Elevation and 3D Modelling services include:
•    Crop height
•    Land surface model
•    Drainage
•    Mine reclamation

Turf and Golf Course Management


Our Turf and Golf Course Management services include:
•    Water stress
•    Turf damage
•    Weed invasion
•    Green health
•    Grass nutrient assessment (relative health)

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