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Why use the GROUND BREAKER Precision Planter for your farming system. 



Multi-Operational Pass

The GROUND BREAKER Precision Planter uses patented tyne and disc technology that enables soil preparation, precise seed planting and fertilizer placement that is spatially managed in one pass.  The patented row unit-tyne system combines the yield benefits of accurate seed placement with the advantages of a tyne.  The strong, low stress, frame design, independent coulters and the latest precision technology ensure high performance to deliver an excellent return on investment.  In addition, several time-consuming processes are reduced to one pass, increasing the precision placement of seed, chemical and fertiliser.  

Highly Versatile and Modifiable
The GROUND BREAKER Precision Planter provides growers with more planting opportunities, versatility and the economic and agronomic advantages of accurate seed placement.  It provides simple and easy depth adjustment to 25cm suitable for deep banding seed and fertiliser.  The planter is available in a range of flexible and modular frames with integrated product application systems allowing for planting under a diverse range of conditions.  This innovative system combines the ‘ground following’ capability of the Hydraulic Semi-Parallelogram system with the versatility of discs and tynes, and ‘on tyne’ seed meters to ensure accurate seed, chemical and fertiliser placement. 

Environmental Benefits

The adaptability of the GROUND BREAKER'S Precision Planting system allows for variable rate application of seed, chemical and fertilizer to best suit the variability within the field, therefore reducing the unnecessary application of chemicals or fertilizers and reducing runoff. 


•    High efficiency in one pass operation

•    Easily adjustable for winter and summer planting​
•    In-row and inter-row fertilizer application

•    Independent coulter assists trash flow and tyne performance
•    Individual swath control by row unit
•    Optimal seed to soil contact with adaptable tyne, disc and press wheel
•    All components are easily accessible and replaceable
•    Precision box-mounted liquid systems for in-furrow injection or band spraying

​•    Integrated liquid systems

​•    Optional hydraulic down force control by row unit    

•    Allows for no till or minimum till planting

•    Can be used for the simplest farming system to the most complex


Patented Seed-Metering Tyne System

The patented tyne design reduces seed meter movement by having the meter close to the seed bed, providing more consistent seed placement from a controlled ‘break out’ action.


The row unit tyne system provides in-field flexibility along with optional double discs that provide precision when planting.  The floating semi-parallelogram row unit design delivers the required down force for even seed placement. 


The rear-located gauge and press wheel ensures accurate seed planting depth and re-closes the soil to retain soil moisture.  This row unit tyne system allows the mounting of John Deere, Precision Planting, and Monosem vacuum seed meters and technologies.

Independent Front Mounted
Coulter Technology


The independent coulter sowing technology prepares the soil for ultimate seed placement, plant growth and root development by cutting through the trash and fracturing the seed bed for uniform seed placement and improved seed bed tilth.  A range of coulters are available and are easily interchangeable.

Advanced Hydraulic Systems Ensure Precise Planting Depth Control

Planting depth and press wheel pressure is hydraulically controlled to ensure seed-soil contact regardless of planting depth.  Advanced hydraulic systems, line capacity and multiple accumulators ensure consistent tyne pressure and row unit control to suit all conditions and applications.

The hydraulic shanks provide consistent depth control for optimal seed placement resulting in more reliable seedling emergence resulting in a more uniform crop maturity at harvest.

Interchangeable Contour Flex
Modular Frames


A range of contour flex modular frames provide the flexibility of bolt-in sections to alter planter width at any time and to allow for maintenance access.  The tynes can be mounted to either 4”, 7” and 8” bars.  The row units can be retrofitted to a range of trailing planter frames and linkage bars.

Optional Attachments Include:


  • Multiple soil or crop specific tyne and tip attachments

  • Optional Bolt-on Crumble Roller that replaces the press wheel for deep banding or side dressing fertiliser  

  • Double discs

  • Varied Press Wheel options

  • Mudscraper

  • Air Seeder attachments

  • Automatic Hydraulic Lubrication systems

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