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We offer agronomy and soil-plant health consultancy services.


Brendan Griffiths, Soil Science

Brendan Griffiths is a field agronomist and soil scientist with over 25 years experience working in the eastern cropping regions of Australia.  He has based his business in Goondiwindi for the past 20 years, where he has provided advice to growers in irrigated and dryland farming, as well as managing his own irrigated cropping operation.  He has spent several years working as an academic at the University of New England, lecturing in the area of cotton production, and conducting research in the areas of crop nutrition, soil science, and plant physiology.

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Dan Gall, Agronomist

Dan Gall is also an agronomist with over ten years experience who specializes in precision agriculture and technology. Dan is a qualified diesel mechanic giving him a unique set of skills, allowing him to be able to understand the relationship between the hardware required to gather precision information and the requirements of agronomic applications. 

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Our agronomy team can assist you with:


  • Advice on general crop nutrition, soil fertility and plant health.

  • Identify and map topographical variability, either from ATV or from tractor collected data and establish relationships/quantifying impact of poor paddock drainage on crop yield and quality.

  • Identify in-field soil variability in terms of clay content and soil water holding capacity using dual EM and define appropriate locations for soil moisture monitoring equipment.

  • Provide zonal soil testing to identify variability in nutritional and physical properties of the various zones within fields and farm.

  • Conducting full characterization of soil within fields and farms, to understand the cause of variability within soils both chemically and physically.

  • Using high level statistical analysis to identify relationships down to individual nutritional elements between all layers of field information collected to determine cause of variability.

  • Provide recommendations and prescriptions for the appropriate management of variability within field and farm, and tailor inputs to the individual characteristics and capabilities of the soils within the various zones identified.

  • Deliver analysed geo-referenced field and zone specific information using a farmer-friendly platform that growers can also utilize in their day to day operations for record keeping and farm management.

For more information on our data collection services, please contact us.  

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