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Groundcover Magazine Article

Read an article published in the November-December GroundCover Magazine on our GROUND BREAKER Precision Planters being used to chase subsoil moisture to get summer and winter crops established evenly. "Planter Innovation Helps Chase Deeper Moisture" by Liz Wells "The ‘rise and rise’ of chickpeas in Queensland’s Central Highlands has growers chasing moisture from summer rain to greater depths than ever to more securely establish this lucrative winter crop. However, the use of existing planters designed to place sorghum or wheat seeds in topsoil has brought mixed germination results for chickpeas and prompted several growers to look for a planter that can more reliably place seed in subsoil moisture. A unit some growers have found that suits this need is the product of local innovation, a planter developed by Toowoomba Engineering that draws heavily on practical grower experience."

Read the article here.

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