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Precision Ag Solutions would like to announce that they have merged with GROUND BREAKER Precision Ag

GROUND BREAKER Precision Agriculture, one of the fastest-growing precision planting manufacturers in Australia and Precision Ag Solutions, one of the leading Australian distributors of multi-brand precision hardware and software, announced today that they will merge.

This merger creates a group highly specialized in digital agriculture, whose combined resources and expertise offer clients state of the art machinery and equipment, leading edge technology and consultative services.

GROUND BREAKER Precision Agriculture and the manufacturing body, Toowoomba Engineering, have over 30 years experience in metal manufacturing and design. They manufacture a range of quality precision planters that are specifically designed for Australian growing regions and apply a patented tyne and disc structure with precision planting technologies as a world first.

Precision Ag Solutions was founded in 2015 with over 30 years combined industry experience in precision technology. Precision Ag Solutions offer the latest range of farming technologies to increase efficiency, productivity and profitability by offering a suite of precision hardware, software and data analysis tools for farmers.

Scott Farquharson, General Manager of GROUND BREAKER Precision Agriculture said “with this merger, our company enters into a new level of advancement in precision agriculture with a multitude of solutions now available for our clients. We are well known for our quality products and customer service, and together with Precision Ag Solutions, we share common values and goals.”

Precision Ag Solutions Managing Director, Danny Weier said “by merging these two companies we are able to expand our capabilities in the precision technology space. We also add over 20 years agronomic expertise to the team through shared human resources.”

“Both GROUND BREAKER and Precision Ag Solutions are leaders and experts in precision agriculture and together we will be able to offer our customers the best of both companies and expand our services globally.”

Mr Farquharson said “The customer service, quality and timeliness that our customers enjoy will remain the same, as will general operations. What will change is our ability to offer a greater range of products, services and solutions to improve outcomes for farmers.”

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