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An Australian First ... a FireFly Turf Harvester setup with Ag Leader GPS Precision Technology!

Precision Ag Solutions are excited to announce that for the first time, Ag Leader GPS technology has been fitted to a FireFly Turf Harvester.

The Gold Coast-based Turf Farm chose to apply an Ag Leader SteerCommand GPS Steering System and InCommand 800 Display, for the benefits of reducing operator fatigue, reduce turf wastage, to minimise overlap and reduce input costs.

Precision Ag Solutions have designed the successful operation of both machine and technology, which is an Australian first!

View the video below of the FireFly in operation!

Ag Leader's Guidance and Steering Benefits:

  • Reduce fatigue while extending the work day.

  • Lower input costs and increase yield potential by decreasing gaps and overlaps.

  • Install on any color of equipment and easily move between vehicles.

  • Choose your required level of accuracy, down to sub-inch.

Read More about Ag Leader Guidance and Steering products.

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